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Scope & Analysis
Most project costs can be determined by the consultant providing the client with a scope and analysis document which is typically provided at no cost to the client.  This document is provided after an in-depth interview is conducted, data flows are reviewed, current systems are analyzed and documentation is compiled.  This document is then used as a blueprint for the construction of the desired project.

Fixed Price vs. Hourly
In most cases, a project can be quoted on a fixed price basis.  This is more than an estimate.  It is the full cost to deliver the finished product with predetermined specifications.  This allows the client to make an informed business decision prior to the start of the project.  A fixed price contract involves more risk to the consultant, but I believe that it results in satisfied customers who will return as future business needs develop.

60 Day Warranty
Projects completed according to specifications on a fixed price basis include a 60 day warranty that the work performed is "bug free".  During this time, if any "bugs" are discovered they will be fixed at no charge to the client.

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