Microsoft Access Programming, SQL Server and Visual Basic for Applications Development
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Microsoft Access Programming

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System Solutions specializes in developing software applications and database solutions with Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications and Microsoft SQL Server.  System Solutions was awarded the 2001 UA Best Practices Award and the 2003 UA Best Practices Award for the development of Microsoft Access based accounting solutions. 

Services can be provided for anything from a simple Access database to an SQL Server accounting system.  Operating costs can often be reduced through the automation of work processes.  Your company's competitive level can be raised by increasing the productivity of your employees. 

Access Database Experience includes:

  • Microsoft Office Automation Objects
  • Complex Visual Basic for Applications Coding
  • Data Access Objects (DAO)
  • ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)
  • ODBC Connectivity to Various Accounting Systems and Remote Data Sources
  • Access Run Time Development
  • Access integration with SQL Server
  • Access integration with Btrieve Databases
  • Access integration with AS400 Databases
  • ActiveX component Integration
  • Complex Reporting Requirements
  • Database Security
  • Application Distribution

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